LaTam-Sat offers space services and products for nanosatellites, focusing on the CubeSat type. Our added value is to have innovative methods in the processes of analysis, design, simulation, manufacturing, testing and integration, the result of research carried out by the R & D team. This allows us to break into the Latin American market with services and products with more convenient prices than the ones imposed by foreign companies, while we offer a fluid interaction, with direct, friendly treatment, without language or cultural barriers.

All products are compatible with the "Cubesat standard". For inquiries regarding prices and other details of interest, contact us by e-mail at, or any of the lines at the bottom of the page, depending on the language you prefer. Your query makes us good.

Estruct Latam Cube - Mechanical structure for Cubesat

The structure of a satellite plays an important role in each stage of the mission. In the manufacture and integration of the satellite, the structure supports the different avionics subsystems, as well as panels and antennas. At launch, the structure supports the static, sinusoidal loads (due to the motors), as well as the noise generated during the flight and the shock vibrations generated by the separation of the rocket parts in the different launching stages. Once in orbit, the structure protects the interior of the satellite from the space environment, both the electronic subsystems and the payload. Therefore, there is a diversity of design requirements that the structure must meet, including, in particular, those that guarantee its mechanical properties, as well as the requirements of mass, volume and shape. The structure for CubeSat of LaTam-Sat, is a generic structure, based on the CubeSat standard, which fulfills the aforementioned objectives. It allows CubeSat developers maximum flexibility in their design process, allowing easy assembly and access to subsystems and payload, even after the final integration.

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MGSE Latam Cube - "Mechanical ground support equipment": Mechanical ground support equipment for Cubesat

The integration MGSE of CubeSat allows to easily integrate and access electronic components in a safe and convenient way. The high height above the work surface in horizontal position makes the integration structure suitable for functional performance tests with solar panels and deployable antennas. This equipment is usually not taken into account among the important aspects of a satellite mission. LatAm-SAT offers an accessible solution for the developer that allows an integration and testing of your flight hardware in a safe way.

VMGSE Latam Cube - Vertical mechanical support equipment

The VMGSE allows you to work in your CubeSat safely and conveniently. It provides a stable base on which the CubeSat can be mounted in multiple positions, while maintaining maximum access to electronic and mechanical components. Also avoiding the accidental rollover of the nanosatelite and providing a ground connection interface for both the VMGSE and the CubeSat. This device can support CubeSats structures of 1U, 2U or 3U vertically. The pieces that are in contact with the structure are made of a material that avoid any type of damage to it and the arrangement of them was designed thinking that they allow free access to the internal parts of the CubeSat. Finally it is equipped with grounding in order to mitigate risks associated with electrostatic discharges (ESD).

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HMGSE Latam Cube - Horizontal mechanical support equipment

The Horizontal Modular Support presents the versatility to be used with CubeSats 1U, 2U or 3U structures, making the corresponding configurations. Its base also presents the possibility of placing the Vertical Support also. It is fully configurable, due to its modular design.