We are a group of professionals specialized in Technology and Software applied to the field of the aerospace industry, carrying out an enterprise based on our specialization, the experience acquired, and the observation of a need in Latin America for products and services in the segment CubeSat and small satellites.
Our mission is to help the development of aerospace projects in this segment, providing products and services from the region.
Our added value is the high degree of scientific-technological training, the synergy established in the segment, and the experience acquired during participation in similar satellite missions.
We differentiate our knowledge of the Latin American market, the cost-benefit ratio of our products and services, comprehensive advice, fluid interaction, friendly, direct, without language or cultural barriers.


Oliva Cuneo Facundo

Electronics Engineer Master of Satellite Technology

Nicolás Falbo

Mechanical Engineer Master in Space Engineering

Balustra Pablo

Bachelor of Computer Science

Chungara Daniel

Electronics Technician

Barbieri Ricardo

Computer Engineer Master in Computer Applications of Space Application