The main strength of LatAmSat is the team. We are professionals in Information and Communications Technologies, specialized in Hardware and Space Software Engineering. Trained people, with a vision of the future and global, loyal to this entrepreneurship in the space industry. We rely on our R & D & I capacity, based on technological scientific knowledge, technical skills, and the experience gained in the participation of several and diverse satellite missions, which also allowed us to establish synergistic relationships with various actors in the sector. The observation of the need in Latin America for products and services companies in the CubeSat segment and small satellites, and the global trend towards space applications, justifies and sustains the company. For the client, the difference with the competition is the best cost-benefit ratio of our products and services, the comprehensive pre and post sale advice, the training provided, and all this while maintaining quality, maintaining a fluid, friendly and direct relationship.


Facundo Oliva Cuneo CEO/CTO

Ingeniero en Electrónica Master en Tecnología Satelital

Nicolás Falbo

Ingeniero Mecánico Master en Ingeniería Espacial

Pedro Muñoz

Ingeniero Mecánico Dr. (PhD) en Cs. de la Ingeniería

Emmanuel Arias

Ingeniero en Sistemas Master en Desarrollos Informáticos de Aplicación Espacial

Daniel Chungara

Técnico en Electrónica Informático / Instructor

Pablo Balustra

Licenciado en Ciencias de la Computación

Ricardo Barbieri

Ingeniero en Informática Master en Desarrollos Informáticos de Aplicación Espacial

Rodrigo Frittelli

Ingeniero en Aeronáutica

Franco Picco

Técnico Mecánico Aeronáutico Informático

Nicolás Fernández

Técnico en Computación Instructor

Joaquin Correa

Técnico Electrónico Informático